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It was a special summer – the summer of 2013…

Yes I know – summer isn’t over already and I enjoy the last days of this summer which are nice and well tempered…

For me it was a special summer because a lot of things happened to me. Also from the view of a photographer. I discovered the abstract photography which you can see in my “Lightpainting” – series. And some great species, or small one like this sparrow I managed to take photos of for the first time. So this photo too is a great memory of this summer too. I hope you like it as much as I do.

  1. enzolopardopictures said: Sehr schön erwischt, Jürgen - wenn man bedenkt, dass diese Vögel sehr nervös herumhüpfen ;-)
  2. photorapist said: sure we like:-)
  3. danslejardindubien said: I like the soft colours, and the bird is really cute ! Bravo !
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